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I’m sure you don’t want my life story. But I’m equally sure that you want your copywriter to understand tone of voice, UX and SEO, and to appreciate that all business writing has a wider commercial purpose.  And I’m certain you’ll expect your writer to be able to take feedback without a flounce.

So, with all that in mind, here’s a few words about me. I’ve been a copywriter for over 15 years and a creative director for seven of those, five at board-level. In that time, I’ve written for every media: digital, broadcast, social, print, press and experiential, won awards in all those categories and edited a book. My clients include household names in almost every sector, kitchen-table start-ups and everything in between. My work shows what I’ve done for these businesses – and I hope it suggests what I could do for yours.


Introducing EE to the world through their first ever site – with Sapient Nitro.



A viral video launch of this iPhone and iPad music-making app.



Making Luton lovely. A corporate brand awareness campaign for the town.


Scottish Executive – Speed Cameras

Persuading the public that speed cameras are about improving safety, not increasing revenue.


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