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Monday June 25th 2012

A challenging, dynamic environment and all that

Riddle me this. Why do employer brand projects rarely, if ever, include interior design or the office environment as a touchpoint? Everyone focuses on defining and shaping the behaviourial aspects of the working environment. So why do the physical elements always seem to get forgotten?

It can’t be because changing the physical environment is too ambitious. It’s far easier to pull out a few soulless cubicles and put in a pool table than change the way a team of recruiters has worked for years or create a global recognition scheme. Yet no one would blink if those last suggestions sprung out of a major EB project.

So which companies have wised up to the power of office design and living, breathing employer branding? Well, with their ball pits, giant Lego men, dinosaur skeleton and fireman slides there’s Google for starters. But, heh, what do they know? Oh yes, earlier this year Fortune magazine voted them the world’s best place to work.

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