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Tuesday April 10th 2012

What’s in a name?

Everyone should have a secret geeky pleasure. Geocaching is mine. Every time I’ve been out with the kids in search of a buried cache, we’ve had a ball. Not only is there something strangely satisfying about unearthing buried treasure by SatNav, but fellow Geocachers are also a friendly if slightly wide-eyed, big-bearded breed of folk.

So when I read recently that Geocache.com – the home of geocaching – calls its people Lackeys I smiled to myself and my liking for the brand ratcheted up another notch. That has to be the sign of a business that’s at ease with itself, doesn’t it? Most companies tend to settle for “associates” or “partners” if “employees” doesn’t cut the mustard. I’d rather be a Lackey any day. And while I’ve no inside track, I’d bet so would most people who work at Geocache.com if the lightness of management touch that created the name is anything to go by.

Lucky Lackey

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